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From 2006- Airplane ride to France

February 27, 2013

We went to France- August 4th. 2006. I delighted in watching the moving map on the small TV on the back of the seat in front of me. Maps have always fascinated us, especially moving maps! That’s one major reason why we loved the weather channel growing up. The forecast involved alot of maps! Our favorite part of the forecast was when the map was put in motion and we could see where the weather features had been, and where they were heading in the future.

On the flight there was a little tv with options for in flight entertainment. I loved the “interactive map” screen because I could see the whole flight path and how far we had travelled and how far we had left to go.

We have since seen more moving maps on flights, this one just happened to be posted as an entry-in-progress, which has taken us quite a while to finish! Much of our writing here is stuff we started many weeks prior to posting. We wrote about that in another post.
We just LOVE moving maps (one of our special interests/perseverations) and I am glad that Athena started writing this.
We have some entries planned about the trip itself by the way.

Started by Athena, more writing by Ivan
Collaborative but writing done at different times.


Injustice never takes a vacation, even if you do

December 18, 2011

In Arles, when we were visiting an old church, there was a gypsy lady outside on the church steps silently begging for spare change, and her daughter was running around in the square by a fountain. There were other children there teasing her, chasing her, and harassing her. Witnessing that injustice made me feel very angry and hurt, for that little girl. She did not choose her life at all, and what little dignity she was seeking out was being robbed and violated by the other children, who were obviously better-off financially than she was. I did not like the way the little girl ran about in the street (and crossing it without appearing to pay attention while doing so) because I was worried that she might be struck by a car or knocked over by someone larger than herself. I would have liked to say some stern words to her tormentors, but I couldn’t, or perhaps I wouldn’t, because my courage failed me in front of the five NT’s, three of them my immediate family members, that I was with. Ivan might have spoken up anyway, but Athena wouldn’t in front of family and friends, because if she did she or Ivan would have gotten lectured about it, and we both detest being lectured to over something like that. If only we weren’t so cowardly in front of NT’s…perhaps it’s not really cowardice at all, but something else that I don’t have the right words to describe. We keep telling ourselves “next time we’ll say something, next time we’ll do this or that even when we’re told otherwise, etc. “ and when next time comes around, we do the same thing we’ve always done: keep our mouth shut or fail to take whatever action we were intending to but refrained from taking. Maybe my lecture to those other children would have fallen on deaf ears, or maybe they would have made fun of me and her both. But at least if I had spoken out, I would have done something I could truly feel proud about.

ETA: To the little gypsy girl: We’re so sorry that we didn’t stand up for you. There’s not much of an excuse…..(this event happened 5 years ago, I had it in my drafts…..)

Andrea the Integral, collaborative


Back from vacation

August 25, 2009

This is just a short post to let readers know that we’re back. I’m not even sure we mentioned that we’d be away….there are lots of things Athena and I want to share about our trip…Ivan didn’t come out himself, as he doesn’t do family vacations. There are several reasons for that. He’ll explain later if he wants to, or if he wants me to help him with that I will. The long and short of it is that our family doesn’t know about our multiplicity. 

School starts in less than a week……got to get prepared for that. 

We’ll be around…….

The Integral.

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