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Attention Veterans and Active Duty Military and Families

April 4, 2013

We are autistic civilians sharing one body, and we usually blog about issues related to being autistic, self-advocacy, and being multiple, among other things. Recently we became heavily interested in veteran advocacy, through connecting to several veterans on twitter and a couple on facebook. We decided to make a special list of resource sites for Veterans. It is the least we can do to thank those men and women who served/continue to serve our nation. We hope these links will be of help to anyone who happens to click through our blog. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to check out any of our other posts and leave comments!


Suggested Self-Advocacy Strategies

February 21, 2013

Some useful self-advocacy strategies:

1. Make phone calls to local television and radio stations, and talk about the issue you want to take action on. Try to briefly and clearly make your case and explain why the issue is important to you. This can be extremely difficult for people who have severe telephone anxiety issues, including yours truly. Planning and writing a script of what you will say to the person on the other end may be helpful. (write an example and link to it)

2. A letter-writing campaign. (explain more about this later)

3. Get a group together and protest at cure-oriented events such as the Autism Speaks Walks. (perhaps talk about ASAN’s Autism Speaks protest and link to the blog post about it)

4. If you have supportive family members/friends, practice advocating for yourself with them. Ask them to roleplay: for example someone can take on the role of (insert desired role here) from whom you need (insert need here)


Counting our Coins

January 4, 2013

We like the textures of the metal coins and the engraved images and words. We like to count our coins too. It is a stress relieving activity. We used to do this more often when we were younger. It is/was one of several self-stimulating behaviors we have.

Now we don’t really do it because it puts us into a certain kind of relaxed state that also decreases external awareness by a lot. So we can’t do other things for a while afterwards. Even when we have lots of time it doesn’t cross our minds to play with our count coins much anymore. Perhaps it has served its purpose in our lives. We aren’t sure.

Athena with some input from Andrea.


I now have a bio on our sidebar!

December 9, 2012

Just to let my readers know, I now have a bio up on the sidebar! Its viewable on the front page of our blog. Sorry it took so long. Our hope is that people will read it and want to come back to our blog


Autistic Player Has Moment For The Ages, Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal « CBS New York

November 10, 2012

Autistic Player Has Moment For The Ages, Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal « CBS New York.

This is a really interesting story! We love American Football! We aren’t posting it to perpetuate the “feel-good” stories that some people share to illustrate people going out of their way to accommodate People with Disabilities.



We like blog traffic!

October 31, 2012

Heck yes, definitely we like traffic! Come and visit and comment! We love comments!



Hurricane Sandy: we are ready!

October 29, 2012

This post will just be brief to let people know we are ready and prepared for the storm. We fully expect the power to go out as the winds get stronger. Already witnessed flickering lights and our microwave beeped. To everyone following our blog: please do not worry too much, we will be okay. Someone will post an update when the power comes back on.

Take Care everyone.

ETA: storm wasnt that bad here in New Haven. Never lost power. Places nearby got hit much harder. Especially the Coastal areas of Connecticut.


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