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I love my family. But…

November 13, 2012

I love my family BUT….they can be too critical. They can be very impatient. They don’t respect the boundaries of the fortress (well that’s because they don’t know it exists in the first place. It is that way for a reason. More than one reason in fact.) I don’t think they’d respect those boundaries even if they were aware of them, and actually it would be even worse for my privacy if they did know about them. Our mother has a tendency to make assumptions about our abilities based on inadequate information (we can’t or won’t explain fully what’s going on.) For example when I say to her “gee, this math is really hard,” she might say something like “well, you know, nobody is FORCING you to do it, you can do something else!”

This drives us nuts! And what drives us even MORE nuts (and makes us anxious and unable to fully disclose or even halfway disclose all of our struggles) is that when we DO open up about certain difficulties we have, for example going to sleep at a decent time, which we do understand is important, mom says something like “well then maybe you shouldn’t be worrying about college right now.”

That drives us absolutely bonkers.

Here’s another thing that drives us nuts. When we were living at home, and not in school, Mom wanted us out of bed by 8:30 in the morning when we had no reason to be up at that time. She expected us to do this without fail. Then she would give us chores to do. Which wasn’t a problem really as we were living there rent-free. The idea of waking up at a certain time every day in the morning is actually an idea that we can embrace! But the manner in which she finger-wagged and something in her tone made us instantly averse to it.

In fact this has been a common occurrence with our family and our mom in particular. She is often correct in her assertion that we should do things this way or that way, and her advice is not wrong. But the HUGE PROBLEM is with the MANNER IN WHICH she gives said advice. We aren’t sure how much our averseness to it has to do with our particular neurology and how much of it has to do with the parent versus adult child dynamic. Things like tone and body posture and yelling really get in our way of being able to listen to and make proper judgments on the merits of her suggestions. Another major issue is that we cannot articulate in the moment, why we cannot or will not follow her advice, because of all the vibes getting in the way and feeling put under a microscope. It’s very difficult to come up with a concrete example of what we’re talking about here, but if we do manage to come up with one we will write it up in a separate post and link to it.

All that said, we do love our family.



WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL??? Or, Fuck you, OryCon!

November 6, 2012

Wow. So apparently Orycon, a sci-fi convention in Oregon that had scheduled an autism panel WITHOUT AUTISTIC REPRESENTATION, said, after being called out for not having autistic representation, that they would cancel the panel discussion.
The advocate doing the calling-out even explained what the problems were with the panel.

What she got for all her efforts and energy and VALUABLE SPOONS was a fake apology.

Yeah. She spends alot of time and energy and that’s what she got. I don’t really understand the entire situation to be honest, but I know enough to be absolutely outraged.

BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER! I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


Because of YOU, OryCon organizers, certain advocates will probably need days to recover from their frustration and overload and wasted efforts to explain to you what was wrong and how you could correct the situation.

I don’t believe this shit. OMFG, I’m so freaking angry right now.

But I highly doubt this is the first time something like this has happened in the history of autistic self advocacy.

K, and whoever else made such an effort to reach out to these goons on behalf of autistic self advocates everywhere, I am deeply deeply sorry, that your valuable energy was so shamelessly disrespected.

These people clearly had no appreciation whatsoever of the time, energy and stress you may have gone through in order to advocate for yourselves and the rest of us. But I surely do appreciate it. I would never have known about this if K and others hadn’t blogged about it in the first place.

And yes, I used the word goons to describe the organizers of OryCon. Why? Because they fucking lied about having cancelled the discussion panel. Bullshit they weren’t aware of it happening. Read K’s posts I linked to. All of them.

I hope this gets signal boosted into the stratosphere!

Nothing about us, without us!

Ivan, Andrea, and Athena






Disabled Girl Jailed in Pakistan

November 4, 2012

Whoa. This is ridiculous and outrageous! As advocates, what can we do, if anything, to help this girl and her family?

At the very least people should write to their elected officials and ask them to speak out about it. We must make our voices heard around the world!



Pakistan police have decided to decline requests for bail for the eleven year old Christian girl who is accused of blasphemy on the grounds that releasing her would endanger her life and her family. The young girl is held in a state of shock and has not been able to say much to the police.

Christian human rights groups of Pakistan society are enraged and demand that the girl, who reportedly has Down’s syndrome, is released.


On the other hand, Muslim groups in Pakistan are now insisting she is burned alive for supposedly burning a Koran.

As a result of the controversy surrounding the case, Pakistan law is under scrutiny for imposing inhumane sentences on Christian citizens. Many Christian families who lived in the same neighbourhood as the young girl have also reportedly fled their homes in fear.

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Ann Coulter, The Disability Community is Coming after you!

October 23, 2012

Damn. I had almost an entire post written, and then My ipod decides to crash without saving it! This woman is able to spread her filth because the rest of us except her listeners don’t give a fuck. Well, if we want to send a message loud and clear not only to her but more importantly TO THE REST OF SOCIETY that this kind of crap will no longer go unchallenged, ITS TIME TO START GIVING A FUCK!!!!!!!! Get on social media, write letters to her sponsors, write to newspapers! LET US BLANKET THE NATION WITH OUR OUTRAGE!

Its more than just some dumb woman spewing hate. She is showing her hatred for an entire group of people (nothing new there) but let us make the result much different! Silence no more!


This Side of Typical

Or, like I like to refer to you, Cunty McCunterson.

Wow.  just…wow.  You know, I “get” that you get your attention by using shock value.  I understand that every fucking thing you say really has no meaning, or weight, or substance.  I get that you are just some lonely woman who needs the attention, good or bad.  Usually bad. I get that.  And I would give you a patronizing pat on the head any day of the week for that.

But really?

*sigh*  after last night’s debate, you did it.  AGAIN.  

And now no doubt you will trot out a little dog and pony show telling the world you should have used a different word.

Well, I’m going to stand by mine.  Cunt.

First off, it was the most OBVIOUS play to distract from Romney’s obvious loss with your stupid words.

But the second, and most important point.  By…

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Please Respond to “Falling”

October 16, 2012

Fellow advocates, we need to have many responses to this play. Just because I reblogged it does NOT mean we support it! I haven’t seen this play, nor do I plan to, but we really need to make sure that people hear what we feel about it. If someone is hardy enough to sit through it, that would be a definite plus. Perhaps there should be peaceful demonstrations outside the theater, much like we do at autism speaks walks. Thanks!


ETA: if anyone has seen the play and feels like writing a review for it, please feel free to share it in comments section. Positive or negative reviews. Please explain what you liked or didn’t like and why. Discussion is important.

Beyond Autism Awareness


Julia Murney Is a Standout in Autism Drama 'Falling'

Josh’s favorite activity is tilting open a cardboard box full of white feathers that’s perched on a wall shelf just above his head and letting the contents fall on his face. It is among the few calm moments in his day. Josh is 18 years old, overweight, autistic, and aggressive in “Falling,” Deanna Jent’s fascinating play being given a stellar production at the Minetta Lane Theatre.

“Falling” focuses on Josh’s effect on his family. The toll seems heaviest on his mother, Tami (Julia Murney), who with Josh’s father, Bill (Daniel Pearce), has developed an endless series of routines, rituals, and little games to distract or entertain her son to get him through the day and keep him from attacking people. Daniel Everidge gives a brave and persuasive performance as Josh, portraying a big, awkward baby who…

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“We were all struck autistic…” Really???

March 13, 2010

One or more of us were reading PoopReport, the internet home of the Intellectual Appreciation of Poop Humor, when we came across something very strange indeed.

It came at the tail end of an entertaining story entitled “Barnburner”

It seems a bit far-fetched, that everyone except for the author farted simultaneously, but okay, if he thinks it happened that way, fine. The truth or otherwise, of his story is a separate issue. The reason we’re writing this post at all, is his terribly incorrect and stupid use of the word “autistic” at the very end. What we think he meant to say, is something along the lines of “dumbstruck, speechless, or some other word that would describe such utter surprise as to be temporarily mute.

“Struck autistic” just ain’t it, brother. I (Andrea) found it very idiotic and highly offensive. As did the rest of us. Ivan was laughing because it just sounded so STOOPID. But it’s really not funny at all. It’s just as we said, offensive and dumb. And what was even sillier…….was the flame war that ensued in the comments section of the story when I and someone else pointed out the offensiveness and idiocy of the author’s word choice.

Read them for yourself and find out…..even if you’re not really into stories about scat, you can just skip the story and read the comments.

To quote a great science blogger, Orac….the stupid, it burns. And this time it happened in a barn. (the last sentence is mine, not his)

Andrea the Integral and Ivan



October 10, 2008


Well, I’m really not all that surprised that Senator Straight Talk has sided with people who are against vaccines based on the irrational fear that they cause autism. I AM very disappointed though…………I thought he’d do better than that. I used to like him……….but I guess I was naive about what his views really were. He just wants as many votes as he can get…….I guess.

I have just barely dipped my feet into blogging so I’m not able to back this up with links……….

is a great blog by a surgeon/scientist whose aim is to debunk as much quackery as possible, among other things.

This is just INSANE……..

I personally think that Sen. Barack Obama may be wavering on this issue of “vaccines cause autism” because he’s already in hot water over comments by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the autism and vaccines thing is somewhat of a “controversial” issue for some people (for those who know better, it’s not………it’s just plain false, that vaccines cause autism.) He probably wants to deal with one controversy at a time…..which in my humble opinion is a wise thing to do. He did NOT say vaccines cause autism, and he did NOT say that they don’t, either.


There’s MORE insanity now! The vaccine crap was just child’s play compared to what’s going on in the news lately. Blatant racism, crowds chanting for bodily harm to individuals, inciting all manner of personal attack, character assassination, blatant lies, and every possible type of slime politics you can imagine. Some of us in this great nation are really “packing on the pork” with all of this shit flying everywhere. They’re drinking it in like cheap beer at a football game. I’m not a great writer….there are others like The Plaid Lemur, who has written a brilliant, balanced piece on the issue of whether or not Senator McCain is trying to get Senator Obama out of the picture before November 4th.


Folks, this isn’t crazy or farfetched anymore. Sure, it’s 2008, so SUPPOSEDLY we’ve all gotten over racism already. Not so fast, not so fast! We’ve never had an African American candidate so close to becoming president EVER in the history of this nation. That’s a huge change…..which has apparently brought racism catapaulting back to the surface. Let me make something clear….being white does not automatically make someone a racist. I feel I have to point that out, not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but in this day and age of hypersensitivity to political correctness, I felt it necessary to spell that out. If anyone who reads this is interested in reading more of my posts, he or she will be able to find more about why I write the way I do. (in short, I’m autistic, I think differently, I’m also a member of a plural system….multiple personalities….etcetera) 


Anyhow, that was way off-topic…..I started this post because I was fuming mad over the whole vaccine-autism brouhaha that candidates were buying into…..during the primaries. That’s an issue specific to autistics and others who believe that autistics have rights to represent themselves, are against a cure, and are trying to counter the misinformation concerning the supposed link between autism and vaccines. I never finished the post because life got in the way. It happens a lot with my writing, actually. I’ll start something, leave it because of being busy or simply forgetting about it, and then come back months or weeks later, and suddenly realise that the post is now relevant for a totally different reason than what I started with. The title, “What…..the……HELL” is very, very apropos today, because I’ve just seen video proof of horrific racism and fearmongering. 


Here’s another article, this one courtesy of Illseed,

apparently the United States is not the only nation affected by the Racism Plague.

Brief summary: a man got shot three times for wearing an Obama shirt. Yeah, this shit is for real. He was just in a shop, minding his own business. 


And here is something else from the Plaid Lemur……

the McCain-Palin Mob video and blog reaction 

TPL has more also…..visit the blog. 


I can’t stomach this topic for one more second. Seriously. I had to fire off this rant and now I’m done.  


a very aghast Ivan

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