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Disabled Girl Jailed in Pakistan

November 4, 2012

Whoa. This is ridiculous and outrageous! As advocates, what can we do, if anything, to help this girl and her family?

At the very least people should write to their elected officials and ask them to speak out about it. We must make our voices heard around the world!



Pakistan police have decided to decline requests for bail for the eleven year old Christian girl who is accused of blasphemy on the grounds that releasing her would endanger her life and her family. The young girl is held in a state of shock and has not been able to say much to the police.

Christian human rights groups of Pakistan society are enraged and demand that the girl, who reportedly has Down’s syndrome, is released.


On the other hand, Muslim groups in Pakistan are now insisting she is burned alive for supposedly burning a Koran.

As a result of the controversy surrounding the case, Pakistan law is under scrutiny for imposing inhumane sentences on Christian citizens. Many Christian families who lived in the same neighbourhood as the young girl have also reportedly fled their homes in fear.

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To Disheartened Republicans who Gave Change a Chance

November 16, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

I’m so sorry that things have not worked out for you these last eight years. Things haven’t worked out for a whole lot of us…….more than three quarters of the population of this great land.

You have NOT deserted your party by voting for a Democrat. Your party, such as it stands right now, has deserted YOU, or at the very least, it has not been keeping YOUR best interests in mind. This is how I, a Democrat (who could very well be wrong in my perception;  if so, please, set me straight. I’m autistic too, which means I might not be able to interpret things quite correctly…..what certain things mean….etcetera.)..perceive what’s going on.

I’m a somewhat socially conservative Democrat. Here’s a bit of background…….I’m a devout eastern Orthodox Christian……against abortion on demand…….(notice the words ON DEMAND………I don’t think it should be forbidden for a woman with serious health risks to have an abortion if doing so will save her life.)….I don’t agree with the idea of cohabitation (but hey, if people are into that, it’s none of my business, and if someone tells me they cohabitate, I’m not going to tell them I disapprove. I have friends who cohabitate.) I don’t agree with premarital sex (been there, done it, confessed, etcetera). I believe that welfare should be a last resort and temporary, but there should be more help for people to find work. I believe that everyone should do what they are ABLE to do in terms of contributing to society and improving themselves.

I hate the idea of pork barrel spending. However, one person’s pork might be another person’s bread and butter. Or something like that. Evaluate each extra item to fund carefully. How is a certain state spending money on something or other going to benefit a) the people living in the immediate vicinity of the area to receive funds for x or y project or building or whatever; b) the population of that state receiving funds for x or y, and/or c) the nation as a whole.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but to me, conservative means frugality (not only in terms of money but in terms of any resource.) conservation (of food, water, the environment…….) each person or family living within their means……

having ten houses and fifteen expensive cars is not exactly my idea of conservative………not when so many others don’t even have the luxury of a roof over their heads. We can argue ad infinitum about how said people got into that situation, but the bottom line is, the more people who can contribute to society, the better off we are. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Anyway…….back to sharing my appreciation with conservatives (and independents too) for giving change a chance.

I sincerely hope you are not disappointed (and I hope that for myself and fellow Democrats too)……Do not view this as a failure on your part……that somehow Senator McCain did not get elected because of your failure as Republicans. You have a lot of work to do…….in terms of taking back your party. I hope you do it…….

It’s one very patriotic thing to do…….to take back your party. We as a nation cannot afford more of the divisiveness that was rampant during the past eight years of the Bush presidency. Great empires have fallen because of divisiveness and infighting between members of the ruling classes (think Roman empire……Greek empire……..boy do I wish I had some citations for this……)

We’re not an empire anymore…… least not in terms of ruling vast amounts of territory…….but we do have a very important role in global affairs……..we cannot have fights “in our house” and then expect to be taken seriously when we want to tell other people to get their “houses” (nations) in a certain order……..

I didn’t vote for Obama simply because he’s a Democrat. I voted for him because I felt he was the most capable person running, to start dealing with the huge mess we’re in right now. If the candidates had been…..say……..John Kerry versus John McCain (circa 2000, not 2008) I would really have to think about my vote. I’d have to think about Congress……..because even though I personally consider myself socially conservative on certain issues, I do NOT relish the idea of a Supreme Court with a large rightward majority. I don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned……)

a Democratic congress and McCain………I could deal with that, if it were him or Kerry of 2004…….maybe Mr. Kerry has toughened up since then. I held my nose and voted for him in 2004 because I couldn’t stand Bush……he’s had way too many yes-people…….and not enough control over his own administration.)

I’m pulling for you Republicans……hoping that you are able to take back your party sooner rather than later……..have more Hagels and Snowes and Specters……..and McCains even (circa 2000, not 2008) rather than Palins and Cheneys and Roves…….for your leaders. And if you are so inclined, become Republican leaders YOURSELVES! We need you……..for a healthy balance. A nation gone way to the left is just as bad as one gone way to the right……….

Yes You Can!

-all of us



October 10, 2008


Well, I’m really not all that surprised that Senator Straight Talk has sided with people who are against vaccines based on the irrational fear that they cause autism. I AM very disappointed though…………I thought he’d do better than that. I used to like him……….but I guess I was naive about what his views really were. He just wants as many votes as he can get…….I guess.

I have just barely dipped my feet into blogging so I’m not able to back this up with links……….

is a great blog by a surgeon/scientist whose aim is to debunk as much quackery as possible, among other things.

This is just INSANE……..

I personally think that Sen. Barack Obama may be wavering on this issue of “vaccines cause autism” because he’s already in hot water over comments by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the autism and vaccines thing is somewhat of a “controversial” issue for some people (for those who know better, it’s not………it’s just plain false, that vaccines cause autism.) He probably wants to deal with one controversy at a time…..which in my humble opinion is a wise thing to do. He did NOT say vaccines cause autism, and he did NOT say that they don’t, either.


There’s MORE insanity now! The vaccine crap was just child’s play compared to what’s going on in the news lately. Blatant racism, crowds chanting for bodily harm to individuals, inciting all manner of personal attack, character assassination, blatant lies, and every possible type of slime politics you can imagine. Some of us in this great nation are really “packing on the pork” with all of this shit flying everywhere. They’re drinking it in like cheap beer at a football game. I’m not a great writer….there are others like The Plaid Lemur, who has written a brilliant, balanced piece on the issue of whether or not Senator McCain is trying to get Senator Obama out of the picture before November 4th.


Folks, this isn’t crazy or farfetched anymore. Sure, it’s 2008, so SUPPOSEDLY we’ve all gotten over racism already. Not so fast, not so fast! We’ve never had an African American candidate so close to becoming president EVER in the history of this nation. That’s a huge change…..which has apparently brought racism catapaulting back to the surface. Let me make something clear….being white does not automatically make someone a racist. I feel I have to point that out, not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but in this day and age of hypersensitivity to political correctness, I felt it necessary to spell that out. If anyone who reads this is interested in reading more of my posts, he or she will be able to find more about why I write the way I do. (in short, I’m autistic, I think differently, I’m also a member of a plural system….multiple personalities….etcetera) 


Anyhow, that was way off-topic…..I started this post because I was fuming mad over the whole vaccine-autism brouhaha that candidates were buying into…..during the primaries. That’s an issue specific to autistics and others who believe that autistics have rights to represent themselves, are against a cure, and are trying to counter the misinformation concerning the supposed link between autism and vaccines. I never finished the post because life got in the way. It happens a lot with my writing, actually. I’ll start something, leave it because of being busy or simply forgetting about it, and then come back months or weeks later, and suddenly realise that the post is now relevant for a totally different reason than what I started with. The title, “What…..the……HELL” is very, very apropos today, because I’ve just seen video proof of horrific racism and fearmongering. 


Here’s another article, this one courtesy of Illseed,

apparently the United States is not the only nation affected by the Racism Plague.

Brief summary: a man got shot three times for wearing an Obama shirt. Yeah, this shit is for real. He was just in a shop, minding his own business. 


And here is something else from the Plaid Lemur……

the McCain-Palin Mob video and blog reaction 

TPL has more also…..visit the blog. 


I can’t stomach this topic for one more second. Seriously. I had to fire off this rant and now I’m done.  


a very aghast Ivan


The Gas Tax Holiday: just another pandering moment for HRC

May 2, 2008

Okay. I’m no political pundit, and I’m not even majoring in politics. None of us are THAT interested in it, but we ARE interested in a little insignificant (snark) thing called THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which in the very recent past (and even present) has been very difficult to come by in political discourse, especially concerning the current FAILEDministration. Mission accomplished my arse. That’s for another post though.

Back to the topic at hand: the gas tax. We’ve heard its…….18 cents per gallon. Okay, we’re good at math but we hate arithmetic, so to make the number-crunching easier on us, we’ll round that to 20 cents. We don’t even know how much of that would trickle down to the guy or gal at the pump, but for the sake of our sanity, we’ll assume that 100% of that savings goes directly to the consumer. So, if someone has a 15 gallon tank, he or she saves 3 bucks per fill up. This holiday would occur during peak driving season, in the summer. Let’s assume that this person with a 15 gallon tan gets 20 miles per gallon. (what cars have that size tank and that kind of mpg? I’m not sure, but I don’t think that information is particularly cogent to the premise of this post.) That means, the person can drive 300 miles before needing to fill up again. Let’s say this person lives 60 miles away from his or her place of work, and works 5 days a week. On the weekends, he or she might do 40-100 miles of recreational driving, to visit friends, run errands, or any number of other things. All of this means the person has to fill up the tank once, sometimes twice a week, it depends. Thus the person is saving maybe 3-6 dollars per week, multiply by 4 weeks, that’s 12-24 dollars per month. That’s really not a whole hell of a lot of money. Sure, a dollar is a dollar, but is it really worth the fight in congress, the divisive words spewed across the political arena, and the fear of funds running out on the highway trust, for less than thirty dollars? I know there are many people across America for which a savings of even five dollars a month would be a huge deal. That’s most unfortunate, because it means they’re hurting economically. Like, really, hurting. But, ladies and gentlemen, please, think about this for a few minutes, or hours, or even days. Seriously mull it over. Remember THIS IS TEMPORARY!!!!!!!!! Do you really want to be teased by an extra thirty a month for a couple of months, and then realize that oh, holiday’s over, now it’s back to the same high as hell gas prices you were paying before? And who’s to say that food prices won’t go up over the summer, even though fuel has come down slightly? If that happens, watch your savings get eaten up at the grocery store right before your eyes. I’m not saying this just because I happen to have parents with means enough so that I don’t worry about twenty or thirty dollars here or there. I’m not saying this to be “elitist”. I’m saying this in total honesty, with the best intentions of working people at heart.

And guess what else. She got the idea from none other than John McCain. If I can find a link to a source proving that, I’ll edit this post later to include it. Come on, Mrs. Clinton. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Sometimes I can’t be sure. Apologies to all Republicans who read this and feel nauseous reading the preceding sentence; allow me to clarify just a bit. Mrs. Clinton’s tactics are reminding me more and more of all the things we hate about the current FAILEDministration. So I should really be saying, Mrs. Clinton, are you a closet Bushie? I’ll probably take a lot of heat for that statement, but I say, bring it on.

And now, the latest Bush tactic she uses: demanding of Congress whether they are for her or against her. Sound a little familiar?

Yeah, WAY TOO familiar. At least she’s not spying on us, yet. It might sound crazy but at this point I wouldn’t put it past her to want to do that(I don’t think anyone in his or her right mind conceived that Bush would push illegal wiretapping through Congress, but he did. Granted no citizen predicted 9/11, but still. That measure was illegal and unnecessary, the way it was done.) She’s already said she’d obliterate Iran….that too is for another post.

Collaborative, Ivan and The Integral


Amazing speech by Senator Barack Obama

March 19, 2008

This man doesn’t cease to amaze and inspire us with his message of hope and unity. After seven years and counting, of woefully lacking leadership in our president and our government as a whole, I honestly didn’t think I could be nearly as excited about a candidate as we have all been about Senator Barack Obama.

Just listen to these words.

I did. I heard a man clearly fighting for American unity, without using any fighting words. I heard the voice of a man who clearly wants the best for a country he loves dearly, and for all of its citizens. I heard the urgency of a man begging (well okay, that’s a little melodramatic, but you know what I mean. I do not have Senator Obama’s written or oratory skill. Forgive me.) for a chance to try and right some of the wrongs that have been done to us as Americans by our own failed leadership. I heard the fierce urgency of now.

We were, collectively, firm supporters of this man before hearing this speech. After it, we are only firmer in our convictions that he is America’s best chance at redemption vis a vis the rest of the world, and perhaps a little more importantly (well, not necessarily to us, but for some, yes) vis a vis her own citizens.

Ivan, with contributions from Athena and The Integral


Better than expected…..

February 6, 2008

Senator Barack H. Obama has done much better than he was expected to in Super Tuesday primary states. Only time will tell us the exact numbers and breakdown by precincts, of all the states that are not finished counting yet, but he may well be ahead by 30-50 delegates at the end of the Super Tuesday count.

I’m GLOWING. All three of us are.

This is proof that hope is very, very resilient.


one man down, the race gets stiffer

January 31, 2008

 Humble public servant Senator John Edwards has left the ring…..leaving behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to duke it out for delegates. The question is: where do we want ourselves and our nation to go? There’s a song, I believe it’s called “Opposites Attract” or something like that….part of the lyrics are as follows: “I take two steps forward” and the other person says “I take two steps back”

Do we want to take two steps forward, or two steps back? I’ll be the first to admit that I have an obvious bias for Barack Obama, and I think he’s our fella for change. Not just the word, or several hundred words about change, but a fulfillment of those words by action. In debates, he comes across as much more civil, even though he returns a blow with a blow.  It’s a reaction to an attack on his character. He’d be foolish not to respond somehow. I was watching a special on CNN (called the Clinton News Network by some, I have no direct comment on that nomenclature) about campaign killers of the past and present, and there was one attack advertisement circulated about Michael Dukakis having allowed murderers out of prison for weekends. It was later discovered to be totally bogus, but the point of mentioning it was: Dukakis did not realize what potential campaign-killing power it had, and didn’t react to it for a long time because he “believed that the voters will see through it.” (mostly his words, but I cannot remember the exact quote now. I watched it a few days ago.) Attack ads can be very devastating even if they are later found to be untrue! Being autistic, all of us here were somewhat surprised by that. We thought we’d heard it all, for about thirty seconds…………..and then we realized that we haven’t hardly seen or heard jack yet. We’re only 24 after all………

I’ve got a date with the second of the Calculus triplets now. I really hope she doesn’t hand me my ass quite like Physics did…….

I shouldn’t be all that surprised though. We were all mostly going through anxiety stuff with a major change this semester, and I was mostly not taking that seriously enough. As I stated yesterday, Mea Culpa. That’s for another post entirely, and when everyone is comfortable talking about it, one or more of us will write it.


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