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As yet untitled poem

August 1, 2009

From Mathematica I hail

I see the world from your mind’s veil

I was born from the depths of your illustrious brain

And I remain with you through joy and pain

You brought me to life by the stroke of your pen

So many hours you spent writing, holed up in your den

You bestowed upon me such tender loving care

As you nursed me out of your mind, fixed me up, and sent me off into the public square

My triumphs are yours, and your ecstasy mine

Together a new piece of the great Mathematica we will define


Interested mathematicians are invited to submit possible titles for this poem. 

Contextual note: Mathematica is a type of software put out by Wolfram. It is also the name we have given the world of mathematics, which is intersecting and also parallel to this Earth we live on. How’s that possible? The intersection points are complex, but they exist in the minds of interested people who believe in this world. We thought it fitting to call this world Mathematica. 


Poem by The Integral, 

handwritten on a paper by Athena

typed up for the blog by Ivan

in other words, a group effort. 




The Divergent Integral Speaks

April 3, 2009

You may try to contain me

Alas, my friend, it cannot be done

In the quest to define me as a numerical limit,

no mathematician has ever won

I have swept past every real integer, positive and negative alike

If you were to try and trace my path, you’d be on an infinitely long hike

I’ve even sailed by rationals and irrationals in both directions

Still want to try and calculate my limit?

Most wouldn’t, but use your discretion.

If you think I am unduly rude or defiant, this is mathematics; you might as well get used to it.

Quite a lot of other functions you encounter

Will not have what you consider a “proper fit.”


Written by The Integral

(who is also divergent)


Off to the Future!

September 5, 2008

We’re on our way

To seize the day

To have our say

Off to the Future!

Never givin up

Athena wants a sippy cup

The current administration is morally bankrupt

Off to the Future!

With each coming dawn

We all hurry on

Never idly sitting on the lawn

Off to the Future!

We want to finish school

To have a job that’s really cool

So that we can help other disabled people make their own rules (of how to be treated)

Off to the Future!

I’ve just got the time

To write one more rhyme

Blast off, crank that homework, have a diet soda with lime

And never forget

What your mission in life will be

One foot in front of the other, see?

Come anon, make haste, we haven’t got a moment to waste

Off to the Future!



May 3, 2008

The glow of my face after a hard-earned achievement

The sky on a clear crisp day

The rays of hope after years of bereavement

Of a tragic loss, that light your way

The sparkling eyes of a person who knows

Which part of the word “dis-ability” is greater

A soft night light, in a child’s room glows

My thrill ride in an elevator

Oh the things that make our worlds shine

Are quite a variety indeed

Ones that are yours may not always be mine

But of them we always have need.

Collaborative, Athena and The Integral



April 29, 2008

Remember when we were but children, running around in the park, and playing on the playground?

Ah, the days when we knew no sorrow or suffering

Those days when Father used to take us to the circus

To watch animal trainers perform daredevil stunts

The clowns were the best, I always thought

Clowns on unicycles

And the birthday parties each year, with many people and many presents

I miss those days so much

Now everything has changed

We’ve grown so much older

You think of boys and makeup and gossip

And I face inner turmoil many days out of the year

But oh, if only we could trace back the steps of Father Time

And relive those blessed days of innocence

Athena and Ivan

We wrote this for our sister….several years ago. she was 13 at the time I think…..the inner turmoil refers to our misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder…we might blog about that later. It’s a very hard thing to think about, still, seven years after it all started, and three years after freeing ourselves from the medications.



April 28, 2008

we wrote this poem a few years ago, we can’t remember exactly when. Perhaps sometime in 2001…..

What is life?

It depends on how you feel

At a particular time

Life can be an endless tunnel

Of pain and suffering

It can be a joyful, exciting story you create

With each day being a small portion of a chapter

Sometimes life is something you just wish would end

Other times you may want to end it by force

Alternatively life can be death in disguise

It is all open to your own interpretation’

So go and paint your life, however dark or bright you may want it

Or feel as you paint it



April 26, 2008

The musicians take to the stage with their instruments

Pouring out the hearts and souls of artists long passed

With tones flowing seamlessly they invite the audience

To enter into a world unlike any other

A world in which emotions are expressed in music rather than words

The “heaven” for all deceased musical talents

A place to leave all cares behind

And free oneself from the daily grind

If only for a moment in time

The Integral

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