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From 2006- Airplane ride to France

February 27, 2013

We went to France- August 4th. 2006. I delighted in watching the moving map on the small TV on the back of the seat in front of me. Maps have always fascinated us, especially moving maps! That’s one major reason why we loved the weather channel growing up. The forecast involved alot of maps! Our favorite part of the forecast was when the map was put in motion and we could see where the weather features had been, and where they were heading in the future.

On the flight there was a little tv with options for in flight entertainment. I loved the “interactive map” screen because I could see the whole flight path and how far we had travelled and how far we had left to go.

We have since seen more moving maps on flights, this one just happened to be posted as an entry-in-progress, which has taken us quite a while to finish! Much of our writing here is stuff we started many weeks prior to posting. We wrote about that in another post.
We just LOVE moving maps (one of our special interests/perseverations) and I am glad that Athena started writing this.
We have some entries planned about the trip itself by the way.

Started by Athena, more writing by Ivan
Collaborative but writing done at different times.


Reblogged: Not-So-Retail Therapy

February 24, 2013

This post reblogs a refreshing alternative to conspicuous consumerism, and adds some of our own thoughts triggered by the reblogged post. We should all strive to evaluate our needs and wants more carefully. There is a big difference between the two. Oftentimes what we THINK we need is actually a very strong desire, but doesn’t fit into a “vital” category: food, shelter, safety, water, health.

Speaking for ourselves, we find shopping (for ourselves) to be mostly a chore or obligation, and not one that we would consider “fun” or “relaxing.”

Shopping with someone else, to assist xem in finding things xe needs, is a different story depending on the person. For instance, our sister N needed to find dress shoes to match her dress for the Inauguration Ball (her boyfriend was on Obama’s campaign staff and the Inauguration committee staff also- thats why she was able to go). I (Andrea) and our mom met her in DC and we were out for 4 hours. I was exhausted by the end of it. All for a pair of shoes. But she NEEDED them for the occasion. And I figured since I don’t get to see N much now because we live 6 hours apart, that shopping was a way to spend some sister-time together. I actually insisted that I accompany mom and N on the shopping trip, to their pleasant surprise (they both know I hate malls due to noise and crowds.)

I was certainly thankful to be OUT of the mall when we all finally finished. After that I think we had a nice meal together. Mom and N probably said something about being proud of me for braving the mall for so long. I must have thought to myself “glad to help” and “thank goodness for comfortable ear plugs!”

Shopping for pleasure, to us, is an oxymoron most of the time.

Collaborative, mostly written by Andrea, finished by Ivan in her absence

Adventures in Thanks-Living

Most folks who know me well are aware that I do not take much pleasure in shopping–especially the kind of retail shopping that involves plunking down major cash outlays for transitory and often cheaply made consumer goods. In short, I just about have to be dragged to a shopping mall.

That said, I can understand how shopping can be classed as “retail therapy.” There’s the thrill finding that seemingly perfect item to fill a need, or more likely, a want in a person’s life. I’ve been there and done that and have come to find the outcome severely lacking.

Now I practice “not-so-retail” therapy. Let me explain. As a member of The Compact, I avoid buying new items that contribute to an ever-growing waste stream and violate principles of justice and equity that I hold important.

My latest “not-so-retail” therapy sessions involved Goodwill, Staples, and Dollar Tree. Here’s the…

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OMG, Winter really DOES Exist!

March 2, 2009

Up until a few hours ago today, the three of us had grave doubts as to the existence of winter this year. Why, you may wonder? Well, simply put, there hadn’t been any episodes of snow to speak of, except for that one time in the beginning of the Spring 2009 semester that it snowed about 3 inches and class was cancelled twice in a row; once for the whole day and then until noon the following day. THAT really screwed up our routine. But about three hours ago, the snow started coming down, and about one hour ago, it really picked up. We might get between five to eight inches of snow, when all is said and done. But we still think this winter has been pretty lame, to say the least. Freakin’ global warming crap! I know that in Maryland it’s not supposed to snow like it does in New England, but STILL! The mid-Atlantic region should be getting at least two feet of snow per winter season, if not more. Any meteorologists (professional, amateur, or just weather junkies in general, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

I hate lame winters; we all do. The weather here in our part of the world is extremely boring for the rest of the year, so can’t we at least expect a few good snows during winter?


Sheesh! I guess we really *can’t* have our cake and eat it too. Especially not during Great Lent…..(this isn’t meant to be some kind of diss against my religion, it just happens to be the beginning of Lent and I’m trying to be somewhat funny here)


The Integral, on behalf of all of us.


Whoa, what the heck is this?

December 8, 2008

What a shock……to see the blog layout changed so drastically. Not sure if I like it yet…………

Poopy overload! My overload level is……….infinite……….1/x where x=0.

Gah…….help……..the integrals are all diverging!!!!!!!!

Wait……..isn’t The Integral divergent already?

I think she said so at some point

Ivan is coming back soon yay! He’s been gone for……..3 weeks now. He took two weeks off and then boom, Aunt Flo came so the lucky bum got an extra week of vacation. The Integral and I will both be relieved but………he comes right in time for finals, which are math so they will be done by………you guessed it………The Integral.

Ivan is more of an Economics person. From Calculus both he and I prefer differentiation over integration……The Integral loves it all.

She had a bit of trouble with Elementary Linear Algebra at first……..

Wow I’m surprised I have a lot to say even with being this overloaded. Darn Ivan for starting smoking at 19… used to be just his thing, but now we’re all doing it.

The semester is almost over…….hooray! School is cool but……..The Integral and I need a break.

Well, off to continue Ivan’s Terrible Habit……

Til Next Time

The Humble Poopyhead, Athena


Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know

November 20, 2008

about cats, presented to you by The Kitten of Bucharest.

Please be advised, the other content of the linked-to blog is not suitable for children under the age of 18. You have been warned. I just linked to it because I thought it was interesting.

The tag surfer function is awesome……..

The Integral

Edited to add:

And here is Part 2.


So What Kind of Integral Are You?

November 20, 2008

A mathie friend asked me this question in an email. I replied thusly:

I am a divergent, improper integral.

Explanation: I’m damn stubborn (we all are, actually……) hence the divergent part…… opinions are often divergent from others’ advice…….I want to do things my way………that’s kind of human nature……..too simplistic an explanation for me but it’s the best I can do this early in the morning before class. Plus I want to go have another cigarette before class………

I do not behave like a proper lady at all. Hence the improper part……..

Burping, laughing at anything poo-related (Athena’s forte, but we all think it’s amusing. Ivan will never admit it in public.)…….cussing like a f***ing sailor……..etcetera…………


So now you know.


The Divergent Improper Integral

or simply The Integral for short


This is rather irritating

October 10, 2008

I wonder why wordpress finds it necessary to include a http:// in the box where you’re supposed to insert a link. The link comes with that already, and if one isn’t paying attention and forgets to delete one of them, the link will not work, as I discovered just minutes ago. A commenter responded to Ivan’s latest post, that the links he’d put in were not working. After a few seconds of hemming and hawing, I figured that he’d forgotten to get rid of the extra “http://” from the link before inserting it. 

Honestly it would be a heckuva lot simpler if the add link box were EMPTY…….let the blogger insert the entire link, http and the rest of it, in there him or herself. Because if there are two occurrences of http:// in a row, the link won’t work!



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