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This time of semester SUCKS

December 4, 2012

Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed with shit and often I end up feeling numb. Like I don’t care about school anymore. But that is simply not true. I do care. We do care. The grinding overload, plus the seasonal depression, makes concentration very difficult to say the least. I have spent much more time than usual reading blogs, and writing my own stuff. That isn’t going to help us learn Differential Equations or Abstract Algebra. It isn’t going to get our homework done, or help us study for exams. It may even be contributing somewhat to our depression, because we read about what other advocates are doing and we feel bad about not being more involved.

The middle of November is the start of the big push until final exams. Thankfully this semester we don’t have any writing classes. I think the less than ideal way we handle the pressure is THE reason why we cannot realistically be full-time in school. We simply cannot handle all the coursework of a full load plus all the other non-academic crap (keeping apartment habitable, grocery shopping, getting gas when we need to, etcetera. We will talk in more detail about these aspects of daily life in a different post.

Before the semester began, all of us were ITCHING to go back to school, because our summer break was TERMINALLY BORING. I can’t remember much about it at all. Other than wanting so badly to be back in school and advancing our study of mathematics.

Abstract algebra is fascinating but can be a pain in the behind. Differential equations- nom nom nom. But we haven’t been keeping up with homework for that class because the other class consumes so much attention span and time. Since we are autistic, we have alot of trouble keeping up with anything that isn’t college related also, in addition to falling behind on coursework sometimes. Most of our neurotypical classmates hate this time of semester also, since many of them have a full course load and may also be working. Bucketloads of stress for all!

As I have said before we all love being in college. And this semester we have been more social with our classmates (partly out of necessity- several brains are better than one when it comes to Abstract Algebra homework, and we cannot co-front to do our homework. It just doesn’t work.)

But right now, we just want it to be over already. This part of the semester really really sucks.

When it is finally over, we will probably be extremely relieved for a week or two, and then start itching for the next round.



Making Derivatives

March 23, 2011

Yesterday Ivan came back really overloaded and said he had to “make derivatives” (do calculus homework…..) The problem he did was to find all second partial derivatives of arctangent (y/x)


I’ll write up the whole thing later on……..

Andrea, writing this for Ivan since he needed today off but really wants this on our blog


As yet untitled poem

August 1, 2009

From Mathematica I hail

I see the world from your mind’s veil

I was born from the depths of your illustrious brain

And I remain with you through joy and pain

You brought me to life by the stroke of your pen

So many hours you spent writing, holed up in your den

You bestowed upon me such tender loving care

As you nursed me out of your mind, fixed me up, and sent me off into the public square

My triumphs are yours, and your ecstasy mine

Together a new piece of the great Mathematica we will define


Interested mathematicians are invited to submit possible titles for this poem. 

Contextual note: Mathematica is a type of software put out by Wolfram. It is also the name we have given the world of mathematics, which is intersecting and also parallel to this Earth we live on. How’s that possible? The intersection points are complex, but they exist in the minds of interested people who believe in this world. We thought it fitting to call this world Mathematica. 


Poem by The Integral, 

handwritten on a paper by Athena

typed up for the blog by Ivan

in other words, a group effort. 




Busy Busy Busy at school

April 6, 2009

We haven’t been posting much until very recently……that’s definitely not for lack of stuff to say……

We just don’t have the time. I should be in bed right now……it’s nearly 1 am and I have to wake up in less than  six hours. 

I had to audit one of my math classes… professor just goes way too fast, AND when he wants us to solve an example problem, he doesn’t stop talking…..he just goes blah blah blah about the problem. I really like him, but I can’t handle his teaching style……it’s just not compatible with any of our learning styles. 

My other math professor (Calc 3; the first one was for Intro to Abstract Mathematics…….less number stuff and more proving stuff) doesn’t do enough examples in class…..I have to figure out a way to let him know that other students feel like he doesn’t explain enough…….haven’t figured that one out yet.

We’ll be writing a letter to the academic standards committee asking for 2 courses to be dropped from our gpa and transcript…..those were taken when we were all sick from being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and being heavily medicated for that…..because of those courses which we obviously got bad grades in (Athena did them…..Ivan and I were far too gone at the time……we didn’t have independence of thought from one another……those meds churned up all of our thoughts collectively into one confused mass of mind-mush. How’s that for a tongue-twister? Ha-ha! 

Wow, I was certainly not expecting this topic to come up in this particular blog entry…..I guess it happened for a reason, like everything else does. It’s true. Everything happens for a reason, no matter how confusing or unlikely or undefined that reason may seem to be. 

I’ll/we’ll explain more about the misdiagnosis later on when we ACTUALLY HAVE TIME.


That certainly won’t be this week…….we have an exam on thursday. 


The Integral


Introducing a wonderful new world

April 3, 2009

In the coming days, I will attempt to describe a wonderful “new” world……’s not really new, it just hasn’t been defined as a world in itself before, to my knowledge. It is a world that only exists for mathematicians and students of mathematics who believe in its existence. I have named this world Mathematica, after a very powerful mathematics software by Wolfram. I’m on a tight schedule since we have an exam next week, so that’s all I can say about it for right now.

Sorry to be such a tease (wink wink, hehe)

The Integral


The Divergent Integral Speaks

April 3, 2009

You may try to contain me

Alas, my friend, it cannot be done

In the quest to define me as a numerical limit,

no mathematician has ever won

I have swept past every real integer, positive and negative alike

If you were to try and trace my path, you’d be on an infinitely long hike

I’ve even sailed by rationals and irrationals in both directions

Still want to try and calculate my limit?

Most wouldn’t, but use your discretion.

If you think I am unduly rude or defiant, this is mathematics; you might as well get used to it.

Quite a lot of other functions you encounter

Will not have what you consider a “proper fit.”


Written by The Integral

(who is also divergent)


Whoa, what the heck is this?

December 8, 2008

What a shock……to see the blog layout changed so drastically. Not sure if I like it yet…………

Poopy overload! My overload level is……….infinite……….1/x where x=0.

Gah…….help……..the integrals are all diverging!!!!!!!!

Wait……..isn’t The Integral divergent already?

I think she said so at some point

Ivan is coming back soon yay! He’s been gone for……..3 weeks now. He took two weeks off and then boom, Aunt Flo came so the lucky bum got an extra week of vacation. The Integral and I will both be relieved but………he comes right in time for finals, which are math so they will be done by………you guessed it………The Integral.

Ivan is more of an Economics person. From Calculus both he and I prefer differentiation over integration……The Integral loves it all.

She had a bit of trouble with Elementary Linear Algebra at first……..

Wow I’m surprised I have a lot to say even with being this overloaded. Darn Ivan for starting smoking at 19… used to be just his thing, but now we’re all doing it.

The semester is almost over…….hooray! School is cool but……..The Integral and I need a break.

Well, off to continue Ivan’s Terrible Habit……

Til Next Time

The Humble Poopyhead, Athena

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