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From Guilt to Acceptance of a Smaller Role in Autistic Advocacy

February 21, 2013

So we have been dealing with many guilty and unhappy feelings lately. Let me be clear first: NO OTHER AUTISTIC SELF ADVOCATES ARE IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR FEELINGS. We haven’t, fortunately, read any posts by any advocates we know, that suggest that autistic people who aren’t involved heavily in self advocacy are bad people or not serious about wanting better representation in society. We haven’t been more involved in advocacy for several reasons. We are currently in school pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics. We have had many difficulties in school which are mostly unrelated to subject matter. Though this semester, we have had trouble with some of that as well.

These guilty feelings are doing absolutely NOTHING to help us. Well duh. They are directly NEGATIVELY affecting our concentration. They pervade our waking thoughts (not all the time, but even a few times is too many!). They are unwanted intruders.

We feel guilty about having arrived late on the scene of autistic self advocacy. This is true mainly because prior to our diagnosis, we had no contacts with self advocates, nor any occasions to learn about the movement. Had we known, we probably would have tried to get involved sooner.

Again, we must reiterate our prior assertion that NONE OF OUR GUILT SHOULD BE BLAMED ON ANY OTHER AUTISTIC SELF ADVOCATE! Our current life circumstances (primarily being in college) mean we don’t have as much time or energy to dedicate to advocacy. We just have to embrace a less visible, but no less important and significant and MEANINGFUL role in the process.
There will ALWAYS be a need for advocacy in the autistic community.
Our advice to anyone feeling a similar sense of guilt,


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December 29, 2012

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Lilee-Room to Read

December 1, 2012

I found this one day while browsing through the freshly pressed posts.

This is an excellent organization, and it made me think of a similar organization based in Montana, that doesn’t deal with reading alone, but builds schools in very remote, hard-to-reach areas of the world. It is called the Central Asia Institute

Please share this important post with your followers.

I got another idea from this post also, something related to autistic advocacy, but it’s separate from this so I didn’t want to write it here. Also, the words haven’t come out for it either.


portraits of addiction

I will always think of 2007 as the year that changed my life.  I was 25 years old, a two-time college drop-out, and in a mentally and emotionally controlling relationship.  I partied a lot, barely saw my friends or my family and had completely lost focus of who I was and what I wanted to achieve in life.  I went to work and I went home.  I was lost in a spiral of depression I didn’t know how to climb out of, that is assuming, of course, that I could even figure out where to begin.  I had completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted from my life.  The only time I ever felt any escape from the dark hole I had dug for myself was when I picked up a book and began to read.  No matter what was going on in my life I…

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Ann Coulter Discussion Continues

November 24, 2012

We are very glad that people are still thinking about Ann Coulter’s use of the r-word. Just yesterday I saw that someone had found our blog using the following search phrase: “autistic girl’s letter to Ann Coulter”
We do not know of such a letter, just the one we found and reblogged, written by a young man with Down Syndrome.
Talk is good, as it induces thinking. Now it is time for action.

When we have more time and energy, possibly over either Thanksgiving or (more likely) Winter Break, we will attempt to create a list of bookstores which sell her books, with contact information so that people can call and voice their concerns. We would love some help with that if anyone is up to the task; then it can get done much faster and we can get on with making calls or writing/emailing those bookstores! Seriously, we need to do this. Hitting Ann Coulter where it hurts the most, in her wallet, is the best way to send her and everyone else a message loud and clear: that hurtful and offensive comments do not and will not go unnoticed and unchallenged any longer.

Solidarity, fellow advocates and allies!

Let’s do this!!!!!!



Autistic Student Demands Right to Mainstream Education

October 13, 2012

In this article from NPR

Here is another article from Disabilty Scoop

And here is his online petition

Please sign it and share it with everyone you know!

Wishing all the very best to Henry and his family!

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Ivan for all of us


Disaster in Burma

December 21, 2011

Well, I’ve been way behind in posting this, but I’ve been pretty busy lately, coming back home, unpacking my stuff, cleaning my room, blah blah blah….

Human tragedy really gets to us, in every way possible. Contrary to many stereotypes of autistics, we ARE very engaged with the world around us, and sometimes more so than is good for us. We feel tragedy, we feel loss, we feel sorrow, we feel emptiness, and even the polar opposites of those strong emotions. Our expressions of said emotions are/can be quite different than those of non-autistic people.

Having said that, I will share a post with my readers, from Theacec, about the disaster in Burma. By modern standards, the event itself is old news; Cyclone Nargis struck Burma (the hardest hit area being the Irrawaddy Peninsula- please don’t ask me where that is, I have no idea) at least two weeks ago. The death toll is already over 100K, with many still missing, and many others threatened by the prospects of disease and starvation. The Burmese government, if it can even be called that (after all, isn’t a proper “government” supposed to actually WORK for its people? Gee, if that’s the case, I wonder what our administration should be called, other than a government….but I digress) has been very very VERY S L O W to respond to the crisis, and there have even been some reports (link to be provided when I find it) that some junta handouts contained spoiled goods.

ETA: wow, this post is over 3 years old….but Burma could probably still use some help…..humanitarian issues, and probably still destruction from the cyclone….even three years later. Heck, it takes us in the USA that long sometimes to clean up after hurricanes….


Prospective Pet Owners: here’s something to think about

February 22, 2010

We volunteer at the city animal shelter where we live. There are lots of animals there waiting to find homes. Not all of them will. While tag surfing, we came across a very well-written post about this very issue. Here it is. Please read it, especially if you have not completely made up your mind about where to get an animal from. Shelters all across the country are waiting and hoping to find loving homes. If enough people stop showing interest in puppies bred in puppy mills, they’ll eventually go out of business.

Also: remember to spay and neuter your pets, ESPECIALLY if they are allowed outside for ANY period of time. They can and will have sex. It’s what they do.

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