Please Respond to “Falling”

October 16, 2012

Fellow advocates, we need to have many responses to this play. Just because I reblogged it does NOT mean we support it! I haven’t seen this play, nor do I plan to, but we really need to make sure that people hear what we feel about it. If someone is hardy enough to sit through it, that would be a definite plus. Perhaps there should be peaceful demonstrations outside the theater, much like we do at autism speaks walks. Thanks!


ETA: if anyone has seen the play and feels like writing a review for it, please feel free to share it in comments section. Positive or negative reviews. Please explain what you liked or didn’t like and why. Discussion is important.

Beyond Autism Awareness


Julia Murney Is a Standout in Autism Drama 'Falling'

Josh’s favorite activity is tilting open a cardboard box full of white feathers that’s perched on a wall shelf just above his head and letting the contents fall on his face. It is among the few calm moments in his day. Josh is 18 years old, overweight, autistic, and aggressive in “Falling,” Deanna Jent’s fascinating play being given a stellar production at the Minetta Lane Theatre.

“Falling” focuses on Josh’s effect on his family. The toll seems heaviest on his mother, Tami (Julia Murney), who with Josh’s father, Bill (Daniel Pearce), has developed an endless series of routines, rituals, and little games to distract or entertain her son to get him through the day and keep him from attacking people. Daniel Everidge gives a brave and persuasive performance as Josh, portraying a big, awkward baby who…

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  1. Ugh. That site is full of puzzle crap. Good to see how we’re hazards to a wholesome (white, of course) USian family, too.

    Unfortunately NYC is outside my effective range at the moment.

    • Please spread the word, that would help immensely also. Tell any advocates you know. We will do the same.


      • DisScoop is promoting the play: mainstream reviews went well. I’m already in the mod queue.

        (It seems that Mr. Jent either was not asked for his opinion on the play, or was not briefed on it and therefore doesn’t have one. So far as I can tell he hasn’t seen the play, either in-person or via webcast.)

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