“We were all struck autistic…” Really???

March 13, 2010

One or more of us were reading PoopReport, the internet home of the Intellectual Appreciation of Poop Humor, when we came across something very strange indeed.

It came at the tail end of an entertaining story entitled “Barnburner”

It seems a bit far-fetched, that everyone except for the author farted simultaneously, but okay, if he thinks it happened that way, fine. The truth or otherwise, of his story is a separate issue. The reason we’re writing this post at all, is his terribly incorrect and stupid use of the word “autistic” at the very end. What we think he meant to say, is something along the lines of “dumbstruck, speechless, or some other word that would describe such utter surprise as to be temporarily mute.

“Struck autistic” just ain’t it, brother. I (Andrea) found it very idiotic and highly offensive. As did the rest of us. Ivan was laughing because it just sounded so STOOPID. But it’s really not funny at all. It’s just as we said, offensive and dumb. And what was even sillier…….was the flame war that ensued in the comments section of the story when I and someone else pointed out the offensiveness and idiocy of the author’s word choice.

Read them for yourself and find out…..even if you’re not really into stories about scat, you can just skip the story and read the comments.

To quote a great science blogger, Orac….the stupid, it burns. And this time it happened in a barn. (the last sentence is mine, not his)

Andrea the Integral and Ivan



  1. Pretty funny flame war, but “struck autistic” is a pretty stupid and inaccurate usage. I left a message, but signed it anonymous.

  2. Yeah, that’s exactly what we thought. Stupid, inaccurate, and offensive…..

    Andrea the Integral

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