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January 7, 2009

We’ve taken a hiatus from blogging….not much interesting happens on break from school. 

Actually Athena and I did go to New York City the weekend after New Year’s………bad, bad idea. Our parents decided that we and they and our sister should go……..there were so many PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Not the best weekend vacation…..but we did have some great dinners there. And the hotel we stayed at, the Roosevelt, on 45th and Madison, was very nicely decorated for Christmas….we met a family friend who now lives and works in the city…..for dinner. Athena and I came down with a cold on the trip, so Friday afternoon we decided to take it easy until dinner time. We’d been ordered to follow our mother and sister into a store to get some new pants for us……..that store was incredibly crowded….even my sister commented on the number of people. I was trying to remain present……Athena definitely wasn’t there, I sent her away as she would have been even more miserable than I…….and I couldn’t deal with a lot of crying in front of family and that many people, so I relieved her of having to be there. Hell, I have somewhat more tolerance than her for overload (well not so much that, but I react more “age-appropriately” than she does. I don’t really buy into age appropriateness stuff most of the time but…..I can’t figure out another way to express it.) and even I was having a hell of a time in that store. Our mother and sister kept having to repeat stuff over and over….it’s like I wasn’t hearing much of what they were saying. That’s what it seemed like to them anyway…..I heard noise, like words, but the amount of time my brain needed to process those sounds was much much longer because of the crowd and the freaking LOUD ANNOYING OVERWHELMING MUSIC. 

I hope that doesn’t trigger anyone reading. Just don’t go to NYC immediately preceding, or following, New Years or Christmas or any other major holiday, unless you have relatives there and have to go for a reunion, or you happen to enjoy large, loud crowds everywhere. We surely DO NOT. Ivan didn’t come with us because the Evil Red Fairy (any woman reading this knows what that means) came to visit us just before we left. So he took off. Good for him, he didn’t miss anything at all. He has much less of an interest in going to big cities anyway. We just go because our family goes…..I and Athena don’t care all that much about it…..Athena likes to see things. She loves Central Park but is always sad when we go there because she cannot roll around in the grass or splash in the water….the things she really wants to do. I or Ivan will ask her significant other (Dean; he’s much more than a boyfriend to her, and he’s an older gentleman…..so boyfriend isn’t really an appropriate word. He’s over 30, let’s put it that way.) to take her to Central Park on vacation and maybe he will let her do some of those things….he is very good about letting her be herself around him. The last time they saw each other, Ivan and I both stayed behind while she went……that means, we were completely absent from the surroundings. Even in our absence, we knew she was enjoying herself. At some level there is still communication between us, even if one or more of us is not present at all for certain events. We all grew up closely connected. We still are, and we generally communicate very well with one another. In a plural being, the different personalities do not have to fight all the time. Most of the time that’s what singles might think of, but that’s definitely not always the case. We’ve been meaning to write an entry on plurality and democracy, but it hasn’t happened yet. 

We’re quite upset about the situation in Gaza. Getting into who started what first is not very helpful, so we won’t go there. Truth be told, we don’t know all the relevant details to comment on that in the first place, even if we wanted to. It’s just a very sad situation. Hamas is a democratically elected organization, and they were elected because the Palestinian people believed that Hamas was doing more for them in terms of providing security, food, electricity, and the like, than any of the aid organizations that were in the area. That was probably true. There is a major social services component to the movement that is Hamas. We in the states hear mostly about the militant elements, but how are we to know whether or not the media want us to believe an exaggerated story?  There are a lot of things we don’t learn from our American media. I’ve heard things on the news in Europe, while on vacation, that I’m sure I wouldn’t have heard the same way had I heard it in this country. That’s just the way it is in America I guess. And it’s becoming that way elsewhere too. That’s very unfortunate. Maybe society should learn to deal with things directly as they are…..we autistic folk could teach them that if they wanted to learn. Then the media would not be forced to sugarcoat and embellish stuff the way they do now. (embullshit? I like that word better, even though I made it up just now, because I think it more accurately reflects what goes on. People put fluff and crap, and bullshit into their stories sometimes to get published and make money.) 

Wow, that’s a long rant! I guess we had a lot to say after being away for so long. 

Our sister had said something about “you’re not a baby anymore” to Athena about her reaction to being overloaded by something or tired out…..we’re still trying to come up with something of a response to that, to be posted here when it’s ready. 

We suppose that’s all for now. We’ve missed blogging, and reading others’ blogs. 

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Athena and The Integral


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  1. Am very upset about the situation in Hamas ***(it’s Gaza, not Hamas….the region is Gaza and the group in control is Hamas)***too—–one of my students is Palestinian and wants to go there to be a teacher. I hope he can.

    New York is always a lot—Charlie loves going there, and also likes coming back to New Jersey to sleep in his own bed.

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