Greetings to fellow Autism Hub Bloggers!

August 5, 2008

Our blog has been accepted for membership into the Autism Hub. We have yet to figure out just how to put a button on our blog that says it’s a member blog. 

We have a lot of errands to run, so we can’t really write a whole lot now. 

But we (in addition to being autistic, there are three active people in this one body) are very passionate indeed about all things related to autistic rights, proper autistic advocacy, and the like. 

We hope to learn alot from you (fellow AH bloggers) and we hope we can contribute something to you all as well. 


Ivan, The Integral, and Athena of athenivanidx



  1. Congrats! I applied for membership but haven’t heard anything yet — probably because it’s so new.

  2. It’s actually not that new. We applied for membership ages ago, and only got approval notice TODAY. It takes a while. I’d actually forgotten about our application to Autism Hub for a while, until I got notification a few weeks ago that we’d be hearing from them soon. Be patient….there’s probably a backlog of some sort, and the people who moderate AH are otherwise busy. It’s definitely worth the wait though.

  3. Yes, we do have a backlog. We have lots of submissions and limited time. Sorry to make people wait, but please don’t take the delays personally, or as implying rejection.

  4. Yay for acceptance! Congratulations, and welcome, y’all!

  5. Looking forward to your writings:)

  6. Welcome!

  7. Welcome! Hope you can learn how to cure yourselves so you don’t have to be disabled anymore.

  8. Welcome to the Hub. I have not read your blog before so am glad you’re here.

  9. Hi Fellow AH memeber,

    I look forward to reading more from you. You have lots to offer and I look forward to your contribution.


  10. Dave: we figured that was the case.

    Thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome, and we hope to be in contact via blog in the future.

    And to Baltimore Bert, we can assure you that cure is absolutely NOT what we are about. So now you know better. Dave, why is he in here anyway???? Seriously?!

    The Integral

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