Ridiculously Immature Monkey Business

May 18, 2008

This just in from Orac of Respectful Insolence…

Apparently, some twat sent him an email, calling him an asshole. That was it. No explanation, no nothing. Dude, that’s like, so elementary school. Naturally Orac had to have some fun with it. J.B. Handley, the moron who sent him the email, runs the net group Generation Rescue, which is just another misinformation-peddling site, that subscribes to the autism-vaccine-link bullshit, and probably sundry other forms of idiocy related to “what causes autism”. 

I can’t come close to Orac’s ability to describe the situation and explain the “junk science” behind Generation Rescue, so just click the link at the beginning of this post and read his words. 

The long and short of his post is: Generation Rescue talks about an experiment with monkeys, and it’s a badly planned experiment designed to “prove” (or at least try to prove) that vaccines cause autism-like symptoms (whatever the hell THAT means) in primates, and therefore show cause that there is a link between autism and vaccine load in humans. Okay I can’t write. I swear, I’m exhausted. If Ivan or The Integral were writing this, they would probably do a much better job than I can. Maybe, maybe not. They’d like to deny that. Who knows….

I chose the particular title that I did, because I thought JB Handley was incredibly immature to send Orac that email, and Orac’s article was about the experiment with the monkeys. 

anyway…off to bed!




  1. we have an autistic son and we find his world as confusing as ours but strangely so related we hear many things about autism but few are helpful this was one of them not very helpful thanks for your insights

  2. oops as in the link and the article not your blog

  3. Orac, the author of the article I cited in my post, writes a lot of stuff about autism related quackery (quackery means stupid stuff, or stuff that’s generally unproven, unscientific, and unhelpful) Basically he writes about how certain therapies like chelation, Lupron therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and other related therapies are just a way of taking peoples’ money and not doing ANYTHING good for their autistic children. You should definitely read more of his entries about autism stuff. He is (to my knowledge) not a parent of an autistic child, but a physician who takes it upon himself to disprove junk science, aka pseudoscience. He also explains why certain therapies are worthless. Many parents of autistic children are sucked into outlandish therapies because they are desperate to “reach their children.”

    I myself have very few entries specifically about autism, but I’m working on that.

    I’m autistic myself.

    I’m glad you found the article helpful.
    The point of the article is to disprove the claim that autism and vaccines are linked.

    Athena, one of the other personalities, wrote the original entry. I’m just writing a response since I read your comment, not her.


  4. This whole vaccine thing really annoys me.

    And now, ‘celebs’ are getting on the band wagon. (I am thinking Jenny McCarthy on Oprah and another episode on Dr. Phil)

    I can understand people wanting to persue study in the hope of understanding autism, but I think alot of studies are in the pursuit of eradicating autism. I see that as a similar thing that was done to the Jews in WW2.

  5. Well, you think one hundred and ten percent CORRECTLY about people wanting to eradicate autism, and your analogy of WW2 and the Jews is absolutely spot on.

    This whole vaccine thing really annoys me as well, and it would even if I were not autistic. It stinks of pseudoscience and lies. Utter dishonesty. Cheating people out of money for personal gain.

    I will openly admit that the science around vaccines and immune system reaction or nonreaction is too advanced for me, but many physicians and researchers have made it quite clear that there is no real link between autism and vaccines.

    The Integral

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