R.I.P Eliza

May 5, 2008

Eliza, a female cat I rescued over the weekend, had to be put to sleep because of extensive injuries suffered while living outdoors. She’d most likely been abandoned some time ago, and left to fend for herself. I didn’t take her to the vet myself because I don’t have a car, an acquaintance did that for me. I really regret that I didn’t remember to take any pictures of her. All I have to remember her by is her name and an image of her in my mind. She was a tiny cat, only weighing 5 pounds, and most of that weight was fecal matter collected in her colon. She was unable to eliminate solid waste because of injury sustained from (most likely scenario, according to my friend’s report from the vet) being hit by a car. She apparently had extensive nerve damage to her behind area, and therefore she couldn’t push her waste out. She’d been like that for a good while, because her colon was very distended. My friend said her belly felt like a rock. She also had a severe bladder infection. I didn’t realize how much pain she was in when I was handling her, at times I played with her just like I play with my own rescue kitty, Dennis. So all that meowing she was doing, which I thought was just mild irritation with me, was actually her howling in pain. Sorry Eliza….

What an awful thing to happen to any animal. At least Eliza is no longer suffering, and she’s on the Happy Hunt with many other beloved pets and abandoned animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

On a happier note, I got to see the second cat I rescued (the first one is mine.), a male tuxedo cat I named Victor. He’s gotten really chubby now. My friend says he acts differently (as in more affectionate) with me than he does with anyone else. He just held me around the neck like he never wanted to let go.

Eliza was very affectionate too when she was here………..but for obvious reasons, that I didn’t realize at the time, she preferred to show her affection without being picked up. She liked to be cradled though. The first time I ever picked her up to bring her into my apartment, I felt some hard things in her tummy and I thought to myself “omigosh I hope she’s not pregnant!”

She was, in the most gosh-awful way possible. She was pregnant with months worth of her own excrement, because of human insensitivity. Someone abandoned her, most probably. And then she got hit by a car. I can’t say outright that the driver was irresponsible or reckless without knowing the details, because she was such a small cat, that it’s possible that the person simply didn’t see her near his or her car, hit her, and may have felt terrible afterwards. I have no idea, that’s just pure speculation.

More people need to understand that pet abandonment is a serious problem, grossly immoral, and plain out cruel. They need to understand what really happens to animals left to fend for themselves. Especially pets, who don’t have the same survival instincts (well, they’re less suited for it anyway) than animals in the wild. Feral cats are more likely to stay away from perceived danger.

At any rate…..Eliza, I’m so sorry you had to suffer so much, it was an honor knowing you for the short time I did, I truly loved you, I miss you….enjoy yourself on the Wild Hunt where you will suffer no more.

Athena, The Integral, and Ivan


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  1. This is an awkward post on which to leave the following comment, because I know what it’s like to lose a loved pet. We’re caring for a stray that’s been around for many years and used to fight with our cat, who finally died after adopting us about 14 years earlier. Back then, we called this cat “bad cat.” Now he’s hanging on our porch and we feed him, after shooing him away for years before.

    Meanwhile I want to thank you for your recent comments on my blog. I’m delighted you found it and are enjoying it. You’ve left so many comments here and there that I didn’t know if you’d find any response I might leave over there. I’d be happy to comment on your comments, assuming you find your way back to them once in a while. You asked about transplanting a while GI tract. I haven’t seen it personally, nor commented on it, but I posted here about something similar.

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