The Gas Tax Holiday: just another pandering moment for HRC

May 2, 2008

Okay. I’m no political pundit, and I’m not even majoring in politics. None of us are THAT interested in it, but we ARE interested in a little insignificant (snark) thing called THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which in the very recent past (and even present) has been very difficult to come by in political discourse, especially concerning the current FAILEDministration. Mission accomplished my arse. That’s for another post though.

Back to the topic at hand: the gas tax. We’ve heard its…….18 cents per gallon. Okay, we’re good at math but we hate arithmetic, so to make the number-crunching easier on us, we’ll round that to 20 cents. We don’t even know how much of that would trickle down to the guy or gal at the pump, but for the sake of our sanity, we’ll assume that 100% of that savings goes directly to the consumer. So, if someone has a 15 gallon tank, he or she saves 3 bucks per fill up. This holiday would occur during peak driving season, in the summer. Let’s assume that this person with a 15 gallon tan gets 20 miles per gallon. (what cars have that size tank and that kind of mpg? I’m not sure, but I don’t think that information is particularly cogent to the premise of this post.) That means, the person can drive 300 miles before needing to fill up again. Let’s say this person lives 60 miles away from his or her place of work, and works 5 days a week. On the weekends, he or she might do 40-100 miles of recreational driving, to visit friends, run errands, or any number of other things. All of this means the person has to fill up the tank once, sometimes twice a week, it depends. Thus the person is saving maybe 3-6 dollars per week, multiply by 4 weeks, that’s 12-24 dollars per month. That’s really not a whole hell of a lot of money. Sure, a dollar is a dollar, but is it really worth the fight in congress, the divisive words spewed across the political arena, and the fear of funds running out on the highway trust, for less than thirty dollars? I know there are many people across America for which a savings of even five dollars a month would be a huge deal. That’s most unfortunate, because it means they’re hurting economically. Like, really, hurting. But, ladies and gentlemen, please, think about this for a few minutes, or hours, or even days. Seriously mull it over. Remember THIS IS TEMPORARY!!!!!!!!! Do you really want to be teased by an extra thirty a month for a couple of months, and then realize that oh, holiday’s over, now it’s back to the same high as hell gas prices you were paying before? And who’s to say that food prices won’t go up over the summer, even though fuel has come down slightly? If that happens, watch your savings get eaten up at the grocery store right before your eyes. I’m not saying this just because I happen to have parents with means enough so that I don’t worry about twenty or thirty dollars here or there. I’m not saying this to be “elitist”. I’m saying this in total honesty, with the best intentions of working people at heart.

And guess what else. She got the idea from none other than John McCain. If I can find a link to a source proving that, I’ll edit this post later to include it. Come on, Mrs. Clinton. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Sometimes I can’t be sure. Apologies to all Republicans who read this and feel nauseous reading the preceding sentence; allow me to clarify just a bit. Mrs. Clinton’s tactics are reminding me more and more of all the things we hate about the current FAILEDministration. So I should really be saying, Mrs. Clinton, are you a closet Bushie? I’ll probably take a lot of heat for that statement, but I say, bring it on.

And now, the latest Bush tactic she uses: demanding of Congress whether they are for her or against her. Sound a little familiar?

Yeah, WAY TOO familiar. At least she’s not spying on us, yet. It might sound crazy but at this point I wouldn’t put it past her to want to do that(I don’t think anyone in his or her right mind conceived that Bush would push illegal wiretapping through Congress, but he did. Granted no citizen predicted 9/11, but still. That measure was illegal and unnecessary, the way it was done.) She’s already said she’d obliterate Iran….that too is for another post.

Collaborative, Ivan and The Integral



  1. Oh, for pity’s sake! I just clicked the link to the other blog. She’s framing this as “taking on the gas companies.” Uh, no. If she wants to take them on, let’s talk about the subsidies they get. Let’s talk about their price gouging.

    This would actually HELP the gas companies, who would sell more gas and make even more money.

    But the real winner will be Clinton, if people are stupid enough to think she gives a crap about them just because she found a way to lower gas prices a bit for the summer travel season. The fact is the citizenry will be the ones who suffer. Gas taxes pay for services we NEED. And we also very much need the wake-up call, because people don’t seem to hear there’s an energy crisis until the get smacked in the wallet.

    Feh on politicians!


  2. Zoe: yeah, exactly. Although we might not have spelled that out explicitly in our piece, that’s exactly what we’re worried about, in addition to this idea being one of gross pandering for Hillary………..

    and another thing which we DID spell out explicitly, is that SHE GOT THE IDEA FROM THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE! She took his idea and went with it……..now, I’m not saying that all Republicans have bad ideas. On the contrary, the “old” John McCain (from 2000) had some excellent ideas, he was quite a reasonable man and I thought he was a very cool, intelligent, honest Republican. Fast Forward 8 years…….poof, all that’s gone. That’s getting off topic though…..

    So Hillary blatantly panders, she actively engages with the likes of Richard Mellon Scaife, Bill O’Reilly, and other conservatives who apparently gave her husband and his staff all kinds of hell in the 90’s………

    she keeps moving the goal post of needing to win this state and this many superdelegates and wanting Florida and Michigan to count (well, so do I, but rules are rules. I don’t want anyone to have a vote discounted, but those two states knowingly broke the rules of the DNC)

    and several other things……which I might think of later

  3. I wonder…..how many other people see a serious problem with this kind of pandering?

    What exactly does it accomplish? People get lied to, they might vote based on that lie…..but what happens in the end? Nothing.

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