one man down, the race gets stiffer

January 31, 2008

 Humble public servant Senator John Edwards has left the ring…..leaving behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to duke it out for delegates. The question is: where do we want ourselves and our nation to go? There’s a song, I believe it’s called “Opposites Attract” or something like that….part of the lyrics are as follows: “I take two steps forward” and the other person says “I take two steps back”

Do we want to take two steps forward, or two steps back? I’ll be the first to admit that I have an obvious bias for Barack Obama, and I think he’s our fella for change. Not just the word, or several hundred words about change, but a fulfillment of those words by action. In debates, he comes across as much more civil, even though he returns a blow with a blow.  It’s a reaction to an attack on his character. He’d be foolish not to respond somehow. I was watching a special on CNN (called the Clinton News Network by some, I have no direct comment on that nomenclature) about campaign killers of the past and present, and there was one attack advertisement circulated about Michael Dukakis having allowed murderers out of prison for weekends. It was later discovered to be totally bogus, but the point of mentioning it was: Dukakis did not realize what potential campaign-killing power it had, and didn’t react to it for a long time because he “believed that the voters will see through it.” (mostly his words, but I cannot remember the exact quote now. I watched it a few days ago.) Attack ads can be very devastating even if they are later found to be untrue! Being autistic, all of us here were somewhat surprised by that. We thought we’d heard it all, for about thirty seconds…………..and then we realized that we haven’t hardly seen or heard jack yet. We’re only 24 after all………

I’ve got a date with the second of the Calculus triplets now. I really hope she doesn’t hand me my ass quite like Physics did…….

I shouldn’t be all that surprised though. We were all mostly going through anxiety stuff with a major change this semester, and I was mostly not taking that seriously enough. As I stated yesterday, Mea Culpa. That’s for another post entirely, and when everyone is comfortable talking about it, one or more of us will write it.



One comment

  1. “Humble public servant John Edwards”…….

    har har har, nice one Ivan “cough cough bullshit cough”

    He had a fucking affair while his wife was battling cancer. Humble public servant my ass.

    In all fairness to my brother, the news of the affair didn’t come out at the time of his writing this entry. Or if it had, we didn’t know about it. I just couldn’t resist picking on him; all siblings do that, whether they are in separate bodies or not.

    The Integral, grinning widely

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