first impressions

January 29, 2008

I seriously wonder why the frig first impressions are soooooooo important. This might seem like a silly question at first, but I think the requirements for a good first impression are somewhat superficial. I would go so far as to say that some of them are downright shallow! There are some aspects of a person that definitely should be in as much order as possible for a first impression, like personal hygiene (teeth brushed, showered, deodorant applied…note though, I said AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. So if that is not possible, it’s not possible for someone, end of story. Most non-autistic non-disabled people do not think this way though. In their minds, if you do not have these things in order, regardless of your ability to or lack thereof, you’re toast as far as first impressions go.) Other things like how you get dressed, how tidy your hair is, how you walk/generally carry yourself, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…those are definitely things I find to be rather shallow measurements that go into “calculating” one’s first impression of another person. And if you are caught visibly stimming in public, YOU’RE SHIT OUTTA LUCK most of the time in the other person’s mind. You’ve lost. You’ve failed in your endeavour to make a good impression on someone else. Sorry, Charlie.

I ask WHY. Just because someone isn’t dressed the best in a classroom, or even close to the best, doesn’t mean he or she is not a person who is valuable in his or her own right, as an individual. As long as a person is wearing “clean” (not smelling like they’ve been worked out in half an hour ago) clothes, why does it matter what they look like?

Of course, there are definitely circumstances in which it does and SHOULD matter (to an extent, although the line is blurred for me. I’m not quite sure I agree completely with the parameters of what defines a professional outfit) what someone is wearing. The first example that comes to mind is a job interview situation. In this case, how one is dressed certainly does, and should, matter. But most people would not come dressed to an interview with holes in their clothes, or stains all over; those are mostly common sense things that I think professional attire seeks to get away from, to make sure nobody looks like a total slob at work or at an interview.

But what constitutes total slobbery? Is it just poor attire? Most typically-brained people may think so; however I think it goes much deeper than that. Some of the most impeccably dressed people could be utter slobs on the inside. Mental slobbery is blatant ablism, racism, egotism, and all similar isms.



  1. i get shocked when my students DO dress extra neat.
    ok i mean there is a whole spectrum of dress and hygiene going on, but like if a student shows up in a suit that is a shock and i usually ask them are they going to an interview after class.

    i think the reason that people are supposed to dress our best for a job interview is that it is one of those times when we are pretending to be adults(?)

    of course a lot of my students are real adults, much further than i will ever be, but many of them are not.

  2. ” think the reason that people are supposed to dress our best for a job interview is that it is one of those times when we are pretending to be adults(?)”

    Maybe, I’ve never thought about that before….but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if that were true…….

    The Integral (Idx)

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